The Ching’s Effect- A soupy affair

So winters are officially here!

The foggy roads, cold breeze that leaves the tip of our nose cold, all the Delhites wait to take out their boots and leather jackets, wear a turtleneck and talk a walk in CP.

But on some winter days all you want to do in curl up in your warm bed in your comforter with the remote or a good book and sip some warm soup! Aah! Them feels!

But most of us do not know of a  place to order some soup that is good as well as value for money. The other option is to buy the instant soup from the market, but we just need a cup and one packet makes four cups.

But now our problem has been solved!

Ching’s has introduced a great line of instant soups in a 15g pack for just rs.10/- . All we have to do is to add a cup of hot water to it and we are good to go!

We can get a hot ,steamy cup of soup sitting at home or even at work.

There are a total of Four flavors –

  • Tomato soup
  • Mix veg soup
  • Hot & Sour soup
  • Sweet Corn Veg soup
  • Manchow soup


I like the manchow and the Hot & Sour because i like a little spice in my soup, but if you have a milder palate you will love the other flavors.

They taste just as good as restaurant soup and are very easy to make. The one problem i noticed was that all the non-vegetarian soup lovers do not have a non-veg choice as all their soups are purely vegetarian.


The process is really simple , ill guide you through it-

Heat a cup of water about 150ml.

Empty the contents of the packet in a cup and then add the heated water to it. mix well to dissolve all the lumps.

DO NOT add the powder to the water , add the water to the powder. The reason simply being the powder will not form lumps this way  and nobody likes a lumpy soup .


Now lets talk about some nerdy stuff!

All of us subconsciously do think about all the artificial junk we eat. All of us think that processed food is full of chemicals and preservatives.

WELL that is not entirely true !

There are some products in the market that are consumer friendly and also health friendly.

Ching’s instant soup does fall into this category.

The soups have real diced vegetables, YES real vegetables.

NO preservatives and also no added MSG!

It just had permitted natural colouring , which is not that bad, atleast its natural.

So you must be thinking how is it then made?

Well the answer is DRYING . The company must be using the spray drying technology that works on the principle of dehydration. All the moisture is dried out and all you have is dry powder. When you have to make soup out of it, all you need to do is to rehydrate it ,i.e. add water, and viola! you have soup.

The do use anti-caking agents that makes sure the powder does not clump together just incase exposed to moist atmosphere and flavour enhancers.



But all in all the product is very good, satisfies the taste buds , does not come loaded with chemicals and is very easy to prepare.


  • Taste- 3/5
  • Mouth Feel- 3/5
  • Convenience- 4.5/5
  • Value for Money-4.5/5
  • Satiety Value- 4/5

I loved the range of Ching’s instant soup and i know all of you would too, Do give it a try !






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