Town Hall Restaurant at Khan Market in New Delhi At the Crossroads of Taste and Delight

Who doesn’t know about Khan Market and its incredible restaurants? Even Salman Khan does which is why the merchant community at Khan Market, including its restaurateurs, are majorly concerned about someone using their market’s name, stardom and worldwide Bollywood fanfare not withstanding.


Khan Market is known for its elegant and upmarket crowds, expensive cars parked nonchalantly all over the place, and Oh! So fancy eating joints!

It happens to be the most expensive Street market in Asia. The narrow streets are replete with cafés and restaurants. Name a type of cuisine and Khan Market restaurants are standing by to serve and please you!


Not too long ago, I was craving for good authentic Asian  cuisine and was near khan market. After making a couple of rounds of the market and a quick bout of shopping at the Baharisons , one of my favorite book stores located in the city, I finally went to Town Hall which is conveniently located in the middle of the inner street in the market. I had both heard and read about Town Hall. The time to check it out had finally arrived.



Town Hall is by far one of the largest restaurants in Khan Market with respect to seating capacity. This essentially implies that wait times are measured in a few minutes as opposed to a few hours. It is divided into a fancy dining area on the first floor and a rooftop lounge perfect for a quick round of appetizers and main course on a soft sunny winter day. I chose to be seated at the rooftop lounge and enjoy the much awaited “Dilli ki Sardi.” The view from the roof was spectacular and that is putting it rather mildly. I could see the graffiti walls, the busy streets of the market and the Delhi skyline dotted with monuments and gardens from the bygone Lodhi era.




The décor is stylish with bokeh lamps and glasswork tables. The staff is also courteous and sophisticated. If you choose to spend a quite evening with your family or a date, this is perhaps an ideal signature to patronize. Fortunately, piped music is genuinely of the background variety which means you can actually have a sane conversation not just with the members of your group but also with the waiter. If privacy is on your agenda along with delectable cuisine, the rooftop lounge will surely impress you with its charming serenity.



The Fare

The menu is managed almost entirely by Chef Augusto. The restaurant serves a dazzling array of drinks both alcoholic and non- alcoholic. A sushi section and authentic dishes on the menu feature, among other attractions:



Scottish hunter and Blueberry Daiquiri with gentle hints of whiskey and white rum.

The Drinks were well conceived and served in stylish glasses for us to sip and enjoy. The drinks complemented the weather.

drink 1drink 2



We had the SIGNATURE DYNAMITE ROLLS and the CHICKEN SCALLION DIMSUMS. I am not a big fan of sushi and the dynamite rolls were a great substitute. They are similar to sushi but were cooked a little and were not completely raw like sushi. The unique blend of salmon and tuna which I absolutely loved was a one-of-a-kind offering on the menu. I have never had the two in a single dish. The chicken scallion dimsums were impressive. The skin was thin just like it is supposed to be in authentic dimsums. The only concern I had was that the portions may have been a little on the smaller side. There were just four tiny pieces. Other than this it was a good dish. The meat was cooked well and was seasoned with authentic herbs and spices .The quality of the chicken was also uncompromising.

dynamite rolls


Main Course

For my mains, I had the much recommended LAMB CHOPS and the THAI GREEN PRAWN CURRY WITH CRISPY CHICKEN on the side. The lamb chops won the taste bud contest right away. The texture was bang on.  The meat was succulent, juicy and cooked to perfection such that it literally fell off the bone. The pieces were smothered with barbeque sauce with the perfect amount of zing. I can safely guess that it was hickory smoke. If I was obligated to describe the dish in a single phrase, it would be sensational. The Thai green prawn Curry, on the other hand, was milder on the taste buds creating a perfect balance for the palate. It was served with sticky rice on the side. The prawns were well cooked and the dash of coconut in the curry did wonders. The dish had a unique fragrance too.



I am a huge cheesecake fan and the thought of cream cheese makes me go weak in the knees. So I had to try the APPLE CINNAMON CHEESECAKE with mascarpone cheese on the side. I have enjoyed many variations on the cheesecake theme such as the cheesecake from Radisson Blue and Theo’s in Noida, a New Delhi Suburb,  but have never tried an apple variation. The cheesecake received a ten out of a ten in all respects. The presentation was also worthy of note. The fallen shot glass with chocolate ganache stealthily revealing itself, the mascarpone cheese with the biscotti on top–  it called for a celebration of sorts.

dessert 2


Munchurs Ratings

  • Taste- 4/5
  • Variety – 4/5
  •  Ambience- 4.5/5
  • Value for Money-3.5/5
  • Satiety Value -4/5


Concluding Thoughts

I strongly recommend Town Hall for a good time and lip smacking food. The restaurant accepts reservations but you need to be there on time so that the wait time, especially on weekends, doesn’t force you to run out of things to talk about with your friends while you wait to be seated and served.



Where: KHAN MARKET, New Delhi

Cost for 2: Rs. 2500/-

Town Hall Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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