Fudroo: A Love Affair with Healthy Cuisine Online

Home Delivery Service Review 


The first thing that strikes you about Fudroo when you visit their website to check them out is the concept. While the concept may not be original, and I will explain this in a moment, the implementation is truly original and impressive. Fudroo is able to bring to market wholesome, hygienic, nutritious and delicious cuisine at price points that just about everyone can afford in an interesting online environment in which ecommerce and food delivery perform synergistically. Have I checked out their menu in addition to checking out their website? You bet I have and I certainly enjoyed the experience tremendously.

Image source: Fudroo.com

Fudroo’s conceptual framework, when it comes to implementation and execution, is based on the premise that (a) a market for online delivery for organically sourced, preservative and additive free food definitely exists, (b) that this market can indeed be defined as horizontal if the price is right, and (c) capturing this market requires a commitment to building trust and credibility within the customer community. After all, the food industry is entirely about repeat business and prolonged customer loyalty, is it not?

Building Rome in a Day

It can be assumed safely that a substantial amount of research and painstaking effort has been dedicated to defining, molding, shaping and implementing the concept. The mission is pioneered by smart folks who know how to nurture the medium before conveying the message. While Ratnesh Rahul is a chartered accountant, Alok Ranjan is a seasoned business development professional. Pankaj Mall is from IIT Delhi and has mentored many potential entrepreneurs over the years.

But enough about the company. Let us hit the proverbial food spot! You are here to learn about the food and not to prepare for a quiz in your Entrepreneurship 101 class!



Fudroo is essentially an online restaurant which specializes in home and office delivery currently in the Noida area. Therefore, the ambience will always be perfect regardless of time, place or geography– your home or place of work. I will say here, however, the Fudroo will add to the ambience of your private spaces by serving all their cuisine in attractively designed disposable containers. When I received my order, the packaging was hygienic and visually appealing. You can therefore order from them during an up scale business meeting and not have to worry about transferring the food to your own set of dishes at the office. Having to transfer delivered food from poly packets to office cutlery can be cumbersome and messy not to mention the cleanup. Fudroo uses disposable packaging all the way.



I sampled a few dishes on the menu including a couple that were substituted unilaterally much to my distress. They have not been included in this review. Perhaps next time!


Chicken Rice Thali

From just about every perspective, this is the best value within the Fudroo universe. The dish includes two pieces of succulent chicken delicately spiced with fresh spices, a sumptuous serving of premium quality basmati rice, pickle, two  laccha parathas or tawa chapatis, a seasonal vegetable preparation (aloo gobhi in my case), pickle, salad and a sweet to top it all off. I got gulab jamun for dessert which I thoroughly relished.   I do not believe too many office goers and college students will mind spending Rs. 169 for this thali which features lot of food and good taste!



Vegetarian Thali

I should mention here first that Fudroo prepares its vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes in two separate kitchens and will customize your order based on your dietary preferences. This can include low salt, no salt, no onions, no garlic—you get the picture. Most restaurants that will do this for you usually cost an arm and a leg. This is why I found the Vegetarian Thali so pure and delicious. It includes a good serving of basmati rice, two laccha parathas or tawa chapatis depending on your selection, dal fry, a seasonal vegetable, pickle, salad and sweet for dessert. Not bad for Rs. 109!



Salami Egg Lettuce Delight

The general impression I have about multi-cuisine restaurants regardless of whether they are in the offline or online mode, is that when they do vegetarian dishes immaculately, their non-vegetarian dishes leave a lot to be desired. Most surprisingly, this wasn’t the case with Fudroo. The Salami Egg Lettuce Delight was delicious and was clearly put together by a chef who knew what he (or she) was doing. It was also filling and I know I will order it again the next time I am in a hurry and need to grab something quick.


Corn Salad

You can order Fudroo’s Corn Salad either as a side dish or a meal in itself assuming you don’t have a huge appetite. All the ingredients were fresh and juicy when I ordered it. It consists of steamed American corn, chunks of cucumber, tomatoes, chopped onions, tiny ringlets of capsicum topped off with fresh green coriander and lemon. Most of the dishes on their menu, including this one, can be ordered as early as 8:00 AM, especially the snacks. This essentially implies that if you are forced to skip breakfast due to time constraints while rushing to your office in the Noida area which is a suburb of New Delhi, you don’t have to go hungry.


Munchers Rating

  • Taste- 4/5
  • Variety – 4/5
  •  Ambience- 4/5
  • Value for Money- 3.5/5
  • Satiety Value -3.5/5


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 As an aspiring food industry professional, I am willing to bet my first and last dollar that this company will soon grow out of its flagship outlet in Noida and set up locations in Delhi NCR and beyond. Now why am I so sure? In order to be successful at a business, you need to solve a problem experienced by many. Fudroo fills a vacuum and serves a need. It takes the equation one step further and solves a challenge too. The awareness regarding organic and preservative free food, much like what we usually enjoy at home, is growing rapidly. Whether Fudroo goes places or not, only time will tell.


 Happy munching!


What: Fudroo

Where: Online at http://www.Fudroo.com

Cost for 2: Rs. 200/-


Fudroo.com Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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