Sbarro: To complete the empty slice in your life

Restaurant Review 


Pizza is bae!

This sentence is true for most of us, but after a while all of us have sort of become bored of the usual Dominos and Pizza Hut. Every foodie craves for something different yet the same. They want the difference in flavors but the same happiness that they get by hogging on the pizzas.

The prayers of all the Delhi/NCR residents have finally been answered. Sbarro is a not so new chain that has opened stores across the city and is expanding every second.

They have two outlets, one in CP and the other one in Gurugram and have recently opened another one in Noida. An interesting fact that I am sure most people don’t know is that Sbarro had actually opened a store in Noida about 3-4 years ago in The Great India Place Mall but they had to shut down their stores due to some reasons.

But, well all’s well that ends well right? They are up and running again and have also started home deliveries (yayiee for that!)

The Ambience

I recently visited their Connaught Place location on a hot summer day and was very thankful for the air conditioning that was working in full force. Spread over two floors, the store is well light with subtle interiors. They have huge wall hangings telling us about their history and all about the fresh ingredients that they use.

On the ground floor, they have an open kitchen. Finally a place where I can see how my pizza is prepared and cooked, that too from scratch!

You can see the chef’s tossing and preparing the dough right in front of you. All the toppings are put right there and then the pizza’s go to the ovens right behind the kitchen. This is a very unique experience and a must for every person who loves food.

The second floor is the seating area. The options of chairs and couches both are available. The store can easily host 25- 30 people in a go!



The Food

Thirst Quenchers

Most of the drinks that they serve are the usual soft drinks available in the market, Coke, Miranda and Limca . Apart from the soft drinks they also serve the Lipton ice Tea bottles.

A new addition to their menu is the Mango Cooler and their Orange Cooler. Both are a mix of juice with a soft drink base. A good alternative if you are in the mood for something fruity.


The Nibblers

Now let’s talk about the main food!

For starters we had the following:

**Garlic Breadstick : Their take on garlic bread. It is actually an elongated bread stick with butter and oregano seasoning. Along with the tomato pizza dip that they give, the breadstick tastes exceptionally good!

**Chicken Stromboli : A Stromboli is like an elongated calzone. It is stuffed and had butter and seasoning on top. This was a very unique find as I have not had Stromboli anywhere in India till now. It’s quite big in size and can easily replace the garlic bread if you are in the mood for something different.


The Mains

Sbarro have an option of just buying Pizza slices, so I tried various slices instead of just one pizza. They have  XL size  pizza ( 17 inch ) which is enough for about 4-5 people easily and when you buy a slice, the slice is out of the XL pizza , so yayee huge slices !

**Chicken Makhni Stuffed Pizza: This is a stuffed pizza, just like the Chicago style pizza. The filling is sandwiched between two layers of dough. The filling is rich and creamy and totally indianised. It was very good but I would have appreciated a western flavor more. But if you a fan of Indian flavor pizza this will be a huge hit with you.


**White Cheese Pizza: The ultimate pizza for a cheese lover. This is a variation of the margarita pizza. It is a blend of ricotta and mozzarella cheese. An absolute delight. It was super cheese and the ricotta added the extra zing flavor to it.

**Pepperoni Pizza: This is the pizza that I judge all pizza outlets on. If you get the pepperoni right you crawl to my favorite’s  list. Sbarro did exactly that. The quality of the meat was superb. The tomato sauce was not too tangy and the crust was cooked to perfection, crisp but not too hard. If you are a pepperoni fan, this one is quite close to the NYC style pepperoni pizzas.

**Veg Supreme Pizza: The crust was equally good, just like the other pizzas. I really loved the fact that they were consistent with their pizza crust and pizza sauce. This one had onions, bell peppers and jalapenos as the topping. Fresh vegetables, ample amounts of cheese, a good option for all the vegetarians.


Sweet Nothings

For dessert I just tried their NYC Cheese Cake. I was surprised that they serve such a huge slice and that too for just Rs. 149/- .

The cheesecake was not fully cream cheese, it also had a tad bit of egg in it. The biscuit crust was nice but I had a little more expectations from the cheesecake. This one is not the best that I have had but surely not the worst. And if I take the price and quantity into consideration, then it is actually quite a good deal.

Munchur’s Rating :

  • Taste- 4/5

  • Variety – 4/5

  • Ambience- 3/5

  • Value for Money- 3/5

  • Satiety Value -3.5/5


Concluding Thoughts:

One should definitely visit Sbarro at least once for a rather different experience and style of pizza. They bake great pizzas right in front of your eyes and if you ever need a pizza for a party the 17 inch pizza will work wonderfully! A must visit for all the pizza lovers who are just tired of the same old- same old!

Happy Munching!


What: Sbarro

Where: N Block, Connaught Place

Cost for two:  Rs.500/-



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