CHAO BELLA: For the love of both worlds!

BY: Shivangi Singha

Sometimes everyone wants to dine classy. More than the food, they want to focus on dressing up, putting on their fanciest pair of shoes and the most expensive watch they have. You obviously cannot walk into Karol Bagh for a meal wearing your suede shoes or pencil heels. For this type of an experience we usually look up to the hospitality sector. With their fancy chandeliers and fluent English speaking waiters, Five stars have a charm of their own.

But a major problem with the five star properties or any fancy hotel for that matter is sometimes the food just does not feel right. The people of NCR specially crave for a good property nearby so that they do not have to spend 5 hours in traffic just for a meal. Finally our prayers have been answered.

The Crown Plaza hospitality group has a very big name worldwide and they have recently opened up a huge property in Greater Noida. Just a few kilometers from Pari Chowk is located and a glass finish buliidng with a fancy fountain in the center and sprawling lawns. Another plus point is that they have a speciality cuisine restaurant “CHAO BELLA” (the same as Okhla) that will cater to your Chinese and Italian greed.

We recently had this wonderful opportunity of dining at this restaurant that is the master of our favorite duo cuisine. We could just sit and dream about binge eating dimsums on one side and a cheesy margharita on the on the other, and this place can finally make that dream come true!



Chao Bella is located on the ground floor itself and the staff in the lobby was courteous enough to guide us to the restaurant. Entering the heavy wooden doors of the restaurant made us feel very important and the sight inside made our eyes pop out!

The restaurant was huge!

With a huge bar and two open kitchens, a separate one for Chinese as well as Italian we got the feeling the food is going to be made perfectly. I personally loved the way they have played with the color red. The cutlery had a tinge of red and the couches were red, with the windows overlooking the garden, this place is perfect for a date or even a business meeting for that matter!




Thirst Quenchers

It was a very hot day so I tried some of the cold beverages and also one of their soups, simply because Chinese without soup is not Chinese!

I was started off with their Minestrone soup which is a tomato based soup with sea food chunks and sea food stalk. This when paired with the bread basket tasted great.

I also had their  Ice- tea, which was made in-house from scratch and no processed powder was used. I could taste the freshness of the tea leaves. It was a perfect cooler fir the hot day.

I also tried their cold coffee with ice-cream. This had the perfect balance between chocolate and coffee. The extra ounce of vanilla ice cream added made it richer and thicker, just the way I like it.


The Nibblers

Now lets talk food!

For starters I tried the Steamed Pokchoy mushroom dumplings and the chicken shumai dumplings. Both were exceptional, the shumai had a spicy and juicy chicken filling that went perfectly with the onion dip that was served.This can certainly be given the title of – A must try.

Then I tried the crispy black mushrooms and the prawn salt and pepper. The button mushrooms were sautéed first and then tossed in a surprisingly delicious honey and tomato sauce.

The prawns on the other hand were fried till crisp and then tossed in a mixture of salt and pepper. It was simple yet perfect.


For the mains I tried their Veg Ravioli, this was quite mediocre, I have had better. The ravioli skin was a little too thick and the filling was skimpy. Even the white sauce failed to impress me. I would suggest to give this one a miss if you can.

Then I tried their Cheese pizza. This encapsulated the Italian essence perfectly. The wooden oven pizza had a perfect thin crust topped with pizza sauce and ounces of cheese and basil leaves.  In every single bite , I got the crisp base , the tangy sauce , ounceful of cheese and then the freshness of the basil on top. This is a MUST TRY!

To try their Chinese out I tried the Chicken Schezwan, Steamed red snapper in a black bean sauce with Chicken and egg noodles. The Chicken was in a thick, spicy gravy and was full of flavors. Went extremely well with the fried rice that had small chunks of peanuts in them.

I specially loved the snapper. The fish was extremely soft and the black bean sauce was cooked perfectly and complemented the soft texture of the fish very well.  If  you are fan of sea food, this was will certainly impress you.

The last main course I had completely blew me away. It was the balsamic and honey grilled chicken with grilled vegetables. This one was the star of the meal. Perfectly grilled chunks of chicken tossed in the ever so perfect balsamic sauce and then perfectly glazed with honey. Served with a mush of mashed potatoes and some grilled vegetables, the chicken was everything that you could ever imagine. The meat was tender and succulent. The Balsamic gave it a great flavor and the veggies added the crunch. Pair this with a glass of beer or even wine for that matter and you are good to go. This one also is  Highly recommended!

Sweet Nothings

For desserts I tried their dessert platter that comprises off mini portions of Tiramisu, honey comb cake and banana toffee.

The banana toffee is a typical Chinese dessert.It is a chunk of banana that has been caramelized a little , covered in toffee and then sesame seeds are sprinkled on top. It is served hot, so pairing it with vanilla ice cream is just the best thing ever. I simply loved this one.

The other two desserts were quite disappointing. The honey comb cake was too dense and did not appeal to me that much. The tiramisu was served in a small shot glass, full marks for presentation but it needed some more coffee and rum to become perfect.


  • Taste- 3.5/5

  • Variety – 4/5

  • Ambience- 4.5/5

  • Value for Money- 3/5

  • Satiety Value -3.5/5


Overall Chao Bella is a great restaurant for a fancy meal, a place where you can enjoy the view and the staff will certainly take care of you. Some of their dishes are simply mindblowing and certainly worth a try! Do give this place a try for their fancy ambiance, Great cocktails and authentic food!

Happy Munching!

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What: Chao Bella

Where: Crown Plaza, Greater Noida

Cost for two: Rs. 2500/-

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