AMICI CAFE: Lighting the fire under your pizza !



Pizza is comfort food. When we hear the word pizza we usually affiliate it to jone deliveries amd eating it in our pj’s while binge watching a sitcom.

Pizza is comfort food. When we hear the word pizza we usually affiliate it to jone deliveries amd eating it in our pj’s while binge watching a sitcom.
What if I tell you,  pizza can also be affiliated with fancy decor, fresh ingredients like authentic Italian mozzarella and pepperoni. What if I tell you,  that you can dine true Italian style here in Delhi itself.
You can sip on some wine, have a piece of garlic bread or have a slice of thin crust wooden oven pizza or even share a bowl of blue cheese pasta with your family and friends.
We recently had a meal at this fancy pizzeria, Amici and we just had to share our reviews with you!


They have multiple outlets all over town and we visited the one on Cyberhub. The outlet is tastefully styled, with pink Vespa parked outside with a flower basket in front, the interiors will give you the feeling of an Italian deli.
Inside the restaurant is lit very well with a huge bar and a bakery aisle on end and a wooden oven just near the entrance. We found it very impressive that we can actually see our pizza being made from scratch right in front on us.


Thirst Quenchers

For drinks we absolutely had to have their wine to pair with the pizza later on in the meal, so we tried their rose wine. The wine was very impressive and had a tinge of rose flavor in it. We also tried their ginger fizz, chocolate shake and chocolate and peanut butter shake.
The ginger fizz was the perfect thirst quenching beverage. It was fizzy, chilled and had the perfectly balanced ginger ale flavor (not overpowering at all). We personally loved it!
The shakes were okaish we have had better, the amount of peanut butter used in the latter one needed to be increased a little.




For starters we started off with the usual garlic bread with cheese. The garlic bread was toasted to perfection and we personally loved the fact that the bread was loaded with cheese. Usually restaurants put the cheese just as namesake but this one was the exact opposite.
We followed this with Lebanese chicken and gnocchi pomodro sauce. The Lebanese chicken was small boneless pieces of chicken, marinated well in Lebanon herb and spices then grilled to perfection and served with a mint sauce. If you happen to be a grilled chicken fan, you will surely love this!
The gnocchi pomodro sauce was also made the true Italian way and all of the vegetarians on the table relished this specially.


For mains we tried quite a few of their pizzas and pastas.

We had the following pizzas:

The beast pizza : As the name suggests this one was loaded with meat! Several slices of chicken salami, sausages and minced chicken. On top of all this the pizza was loaded with cheese. An absolute must have for all the meat lovers.


The works pizza: This is essentially a pork pepperoni pizza with lots of vegetables and cheese. Somehow the toppings did not fit. The pizza was nice but lacked the WOW factor.


Spinach and caramelized onion pizza : This was our favorite pizza out of the lot, usually we don’t go for spinach on the pizza but here spinach with caramelized onion and cheese was a match made in heaven. This one is absolute must have!

We also tried the following pastas:

Fissile pasta with chicken and bacon sauce: This was a tangy and creamy mix sauce pasta with shredded chicken and chunks of bacon. All the flavors came together perfectly and the crispy bacon chunks gave it a unique crunch.


Creamy Carbonara spaghetti : The most popular one done old school style with minced meat and lots of cheese this one was also delicious.


Banana ice cream: this was served to us in a semi solid state so was more like a smoothie. Neverthless taste wise it was a very good combination of banana and chocolate.


Philadelphia cheesecake: This cake was a bit of a.disappointment. The biscuit base was a little too hard and the cream cheese filling was very dense. The blueberry compote served alongside.was.also less in quantity. They really need to work on this one

Brownie: Fudgy chocolate brownies slathered with chocolate sauce, just the way we like it!



  • Taste- 4/5
  • Variety- 4/5
  • Ambiance- 4/5
  • Value for Money- 3.5/5
  • Satiety value- 3.5/5



Amici is a great place to take yout family out for a nice meal or even to go on a date for that matter. The swanky décor and lovely food will surely impress you. We just hoped to find better desserts and an option of Tiramisu was missing which is surprising as this is an Italian Restaurant. They have also introduced a buffet menu, be sure to check that out too!

Happy Munching!

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What: Amici Cafe

Where: Cyberhub, Gurgaon

Cost for two: Rs. 1200/-

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