Regional Delicacies are very hard to find in Delhi. If found then the question arises “Are they authentic”. We had been craving for good Rajasthani food recently as we were told that unlike the usual belief, Rajasthani food does include some lip smacking Non Vegetarian dishes and not just the plain old Dal bati churma.

KAMA Restaurant in Radisson Blu, Kaushambi is known for celebrating the various cuisines Pan India and this summer season they are doing a Rajasthani Food Festival till the 30th of July. The Master Chef at Kama, Mr. Vishal Nigam has executed various festivals like these before and this time they have planned to take all of us to the ethnic state of Rajasthan through experience and expertise in food.


The restaurant was very well decorated according to its Rajasthani theme. The entrance is decorated with Rajasthani Chunnis and a cut out of a man wearing the traditional Rajasthani clothes. There were bowls filled with spices that the native to the state and even the waiters were in full costumes.

The restaurant can easily accommodate 60-70 people, is very spacious and has a great view of the garden on one side. The table top has intricate glass work and the lighting is majorly done with the help of beautiful chandeliers.


Thirst Quenchers

As soon as we entered we were first served an amuse bouche which was a shot glass of Rajasthani shikanji and a small kachori. The Shikanji was extremely refreshing as the weather was very hot and humid. It cleansed our palate, eased the stomach and got us all geared up for the exotic meal ahead.

The kachori was also very crisp and the filling of dal inside was a tad bit spicy but very flavorful.Apart from Shikanji only soft drinks were available to drink along the main food.



For starters we tried quite a few of their dishes and most of them were Non vegetarian.

We started of with MASS KA SULE, this was chunks of mutton marinated in a very spicy yogurt based marinate and then charcoal grilled till cooked well, served with garlic chutney and mint chutney this starters was a spicy affair.


Then we followed with the DHANIYA MURGH TIKKA and ACHARI FISH TIKKA. Both of them were a little softer on the spice. The Dhaniya murgh tikka was served on a sizzler bed and served piping hot. The fish was also very soft, tender and the seasoning was very delicate and different. This was very different to the Amritsari fish tikka that we Delhites are usually used to.

To try out the vegetarian starters, we had the PANEER JAISELMERI TIKKA and the RAJASTHANI SAMPLER.

Huge chunks of paneer were marinated well and then cooked till roasted well on the tandoor. The Rajasthani Sampler had tiny versions of the Rajasthani favourites namely, Dal ki kachori, Pyaaz ki Kachori and potli samosa. These were way different than the one we usually get in Delhi sweet shops. The filling was more in quantity; it was spicier and less oily. The sampler was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone on the table.


For the main course we tried the very famous RAJASTHANI LAAL MAAS. It lived up to all the name and hype that has been created. Good meaty pieces of mutton and roasted with fresh vegetables and spices in a very thin but extremely spicy gravy. The laal maas when paired with MAKKI KI ROTI which was cooked without even a drop of oil or ghee was an epic combination.


Next we tried the MURGH KA SOWETA and MEWARI PANEER. The chicken preparation was a very thick one with a very rich gravy and the Mewari paneer had diced paneer in a tomato based gravy with capsicum slices and roasted onion. We paired these with hot MASALA POORIs and had the time of our lives!

In the end we had absolutely no space left but had to just had to try their famous DAL BATI CHURMA with dry fruits. The bati was soaked in ghee and the dal was topped with all kinds of royal nuts. The dish looks very small on the plate but when eaten it is extremely heavy and filling.


We also tried the KABULI JODHPURI PULAO which is a preparation of basmati rice with peas, carrots and soyo chunks. It was very light and was so flavorful in itself that it needed no accomplice like curd or chutney.



For dessert we had their MALAI GHEWAR, MAWA KACHORI and MALAI KULFI.

The mava kachori is nothing like the simple savory kachori. It is filled with nuts and khoya and then the whole thing is dipped into sugar syrup. We found this to be a tab bit over sweet. The Malai kulfi was beautifully presented with liquid nitrogen and covered with a white chocolate disc. It was actually a kulfi stick. It was very rich, you could taste the kesar and the pista that were used, very creamy and absolute delight to have on a hot day.

As teej is just around the corner, Ghewar is on everyone’s mind. These were miniature version of ghewar, topped with thick rabri, loaded with nuts and then finished with some silver paper. It was absolutely mind blowing, a perfect way to end a wonderful meal. We were stuffed till our throats but loved this last piece of dessert that all of us magically created some extra space for it!


  • Taste- 4.5/5
  • Variety- 4/5
  • Ambiance- 4/5
  • Value for Money- 3/5
  • Satiety value- 4/5


The Rajasthani festival at Kama was a wonderful experience with authentic Rajasthani food, courteous staff and one of the best Laal Mass and Malai Ghewars that we have ever had!


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What: Rajasthani Festival

Where: KAMA, Radisson Blu, Kaushambi

Cost for two: Rs. 2500/-




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