Bantas and Burgers @ Bunta Bar


BY: Shivangi Singha

Delhi summers have a way of making us miserable. With the temperature touching 40 oC, it is only natural that one craves for a good thirst quencher. These days people generally pick up a can of soda to do the needful, but the few lucky ones who have had a chance to gulp the contents of the codd neck bottle are not satisfied with the mass manufactured carbonated beverages. These codd neck glass bottles with a marble used to seal it bring back a lot of childhood memories for most of us.

If you haven’t guessed already I am talking about the infamous Bunta and believe it or not there is a new hotspot in town that revolves around our favorite drink.


Bunta bar was opened with the idea of opening an Indian Bar, everything served here is totally desi and is done in style. Even their Pizzas are called Pijja and are nothing like the ones I’ve eaten before.

The ambiance of the place is very chilled out and the interiors will leave you amazed. Keeping in lieu with their theme, they have tried to incorporate banta bottles everywhere. There are bunta bottles on the walls, even their lamps are decorated with them. The brick walls are left bare to give it the desi tharra touch and the middle of the restaurant has a beautiful handcrafted banner of the the restaurant. Unlike the trend it is not printed nor is it painted, it is made by intricate thread work and skilled craftsmen.



Thirst Quenchers

To start off I obviously tried the bantas, I had the Dilli 6 and the aam panna. Both of them were great, very refreshing and I specially enjoyed the fact that I got to pop them open myself. If I had to pick one I would probably pick the Dilli 6 which is a kaala khatta flavoured banta, it is sweet and tangy at the same time and I could not stop myself for going to a second round.

I also tried one of their cocktails upon the bar tenders suggestion, Baba ji ki Booti. The cocktail was as interesting as its name. It was served in a China tea kettle and cup and saucers came along. Initally I was under the impression that it must be warm if not hot but it was served chilled. It was a gin based cocktail with elderflower cordial mixed with tonic water. Unlike most gin based drinks this was on the sweeter side and very light and refreshing, perfect for the summers.


For starters I had Chicken Cafreal and the mutton shammi sliders. These can be thought of like tiny burgers with Indian flavours. The mutton shammi was soft ,delicately spiced and went very well with dressing that was used in the burger. The Chicken cafreal was their take on a goan chicken preparation, the mint and pudina chutney used with the chicken was a little too overpowering, they really need to tie up the loose ends on this one.


To spice things up a bit I was served the Mirci toast and the hari mirchi chicken taco. The mirchi toast was quite mediocre. It was just plain cheese toast with chilli. The hari mirchi taco was exceptional. They used thin taco sheets and the stuffing was made out of fresh cut veggies, boiled chicken and finely chopped green chilies. It was very light and fresh but extremely spicy so to be tried at your own risk. It pairs up wonderfully with their sweet bantas.


I then tried some of their fried snacks. I had the kerala chicken nuggets and the mangodi vada. I loved the twist of the southern flavours on the chicken nuggets but was disappointed by the quantity of the same. The mangodi vada were pretty average and can be skipped.

I also tried one of their desi Pijjas. Out of the lot i tried the mutton keema and cream cheese desi pijja. The pijja turned out to be an ovular flatbread. I was topped with a specially curated pijja sauce that had Indian herbs and spices and then covered with flavored mutton keema and cream cheese. It was crispy, meaty and cheesy all at the same time.



I then proceeded to have the mains. I tried their Benngal mutton curry and Smoked dal makhni. The bengal mutton curry had a thin curry with succulent pieces of mutton and tons of bong flavored. Served with home style paratha, it surely made me say Aami tumake bhalo bhashi.


The smoked dal makhni is one of their hot selling items. Unlike the usual dal makhni this was not very heavy and did not have a creamy flavor. It actually had a smoky flavor that was very distinctive to tamarind charcoal. Served with blue cheese naan, this dish was certainly the star of the meal.



To end on a sweet note, I had their version of the brownie with vanilla ice- cream. To keep things truly indian, they have come up with Khajur brownie with vanilla ice cream. I was served a huge chick of thick khajur brownie. Its texture was more like a gooey brownie than a cakey brownie. The brownie with the drizzle of caramel and chocolate sauce along with vanilla ice cream blended perfectly together and all the flavors fell into place. The combination of khajur and chocolate was oddly satisfying. This dessert is a great option for all the people who are tired of the same old brownie and ice cream combination.



  • Taste- 4.5/5
  • Variety- 4/5
  • Ambiance- 4/5
  • Value for Money- 3/5
  • Satiety value- 4/5


Overall, Bunta Bar is a great place to enjoy great Indian fusion food, sit and enjoy a chilled banta just like the old days. It’s a place to eat and chill the Desi ish-tyle !


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Where: Janpath, New Delhi

Cost for 2: Rs. 1300/-
Bunta Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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