Welcoming Winters @Mosaic Hotels



With winters kicking in all we want to do is snug up in warm clothes and enjoy great winter food!
With the mood all set we visited one of the oldest pioneer hotels in noida, Mosaic hotel and tried out their Winter special Punjabi Festival!
Punjabi food festivals are seen quite often in this part of town but what impressed us was the very well curated special menu by the executive chef of the restaurant Latitude (where the event was taking place) , ” Mr. VENUGOPAL BHARATHAN”.
The large food spread did not contain any of the punjabi cliché like butter chicken, rather they served all the theme centric dishes.


Mosiac hotel is situated right in the heart of noida, in Sector 18.
This festival was taking place in their ethic cuisine special restaurant “LATITUDE” which is located on the first floor.
Right outside the entrance itself you could feel the punjabi vibes with lots of colored earthen pots, a cart with hay and colorful chunni’s.
Inside the restaurant great detailing was done in terms of setting the ambiance.
Punjabi folk music was playing; all tables were decorated with some Punjabi element. In the center of the restaurant was a khatia, were one can sit and get a photoshoot done!
The beat element according to us is the dhol that is placed right near the exit gate. Every customer that left satisfied was to beat the dhool.
And trust us we heard quite a few drum rolls!



Thirst Quenchers

As soon as we were comfortably seated we were greeted with a welcome drink “Gajar Kanji“.
Served in shot glasses this kanji is basically a palate cleanser with fermented carrots and mustard seeds. The taste was so different and so good. It totally got us geared up for the huge meal ahead!
Apart from this we were also served a paan shot prior to our main course which was our second palate cleaner and helps in digestion.
Along with the food we opted for a simple aerated beverage as a milk based chaach or lassi would have been very heavy.


For starters there was a huge chaat corner as a part of the buffet set-up which served freshly made gol gappe, sev chaat and stuffed cheela.
We absolutely loved the presentation as well as the taste of all these and a special mention to the stuffed cheela which were stuffed with paneer. They had the perfect thickness and tasted amazing with the mildly spiced paneer stuffing.

At our table we were served the other starters like chicken shammi kebab, fish fry punjabi style and two vegetarian options of soya chaap and paneer tikka.
We absolutely loved how soft and succulent the kebabs were. To compliment this we tried the inhouse prepared green chutney, they made a killer combination. The soya chaap genuinely surprised us. Us being hard core non- vegetarians we usually don’t enjoy soya chaap that much, but these were lip smacking. We left the chicken and hogged onto these instead!
The paneer and the fish were also good.


The mains were all set up the buffet with the breads being served on the table.
We would like to make a special mention of the huge variety of fermented pickles. Punjabi food is all about a variety of flavours put together and pickles play a huge role in that. Here at latitude the management left no stone unturned. There were around 15-20 variety of pickles ranging from mixed pickle to kamrakh (star fruit) pickle, and of these are made inhouse from scratch.


For the main course we tried the Bhuna Gosht and the karhai chicken with laccha paratha. We absolutely loved the meat quality and the subtle spices. Nothing was too overpowering and taking over the flavour of the meat itself. We tasted true punjabi flavours.
We also tried the traditional macce ki roti and sarson ka saag
The saag was nice, rich and buttery and paired with the roti made a killer combination.
In the end we also tried some biryani which was also aromatic and was full of herbs and flavors.





In the end we tried some of the dishes from their huge dessert section.
We loved the piping hot jalebi with the super creamy rabri and also the hot moong dal halwa.

To try out some of the western classics we had the kiwi mousse which was as light as air.
We also had the strawberry cake which was quite ordinary.


  • Taste- 4.5/5
  • Variety- 4/5
  • Ambiance- 4/5
  • Value for Money- 3.5/5
  • Satiety value- 3.5/5


Overall our experience was very good
The whole team of mosiac hotels like “Mr.Surya” who is.the F&B manager and “Mr.Khurana” who is the General manger, they made sure that our experience was one to last for long
We certainly would come back for their food festivals and would definitely recommend coming here with the fambam!


Murmur Logo

What: Latitude

Where: Mosaic Hotels, Noida

Cost for 2: Rs. 1700/-

Latitude - Mosaic Hotels Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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