The Pita to our Pit

Restaurant Review

BY: Shivangi Singha

With the busy lifestyle and hectic environment, most if us prefer eating out frequently. It is quick, hassle free and lets face it who wants to stand in front of the cooktop for hours everyday.

If we just talk about Delhi, the city itself has such a throbbing eating arena that even if you eat out for every meal for the rest of your life, you still won’t be able to cover all the restaurants in the city.

Keeping all this in mind sometimes the inner health conscious angel in us makes us feel gulity about the enormous amounts of cheese intake *not guilty*
We recently came across a cute little place in Mall of India that claimed to serve fresh and healthy Pitas and we decides to give it a try!

Pita pit is located on the third floor of mall of India ,Noida. The open restaurant has a vibrant ambiance and a create your own pita stand. Little did we know that this was not a single chain restaurant rather a huge international chain with various outlets all over the country as well as abroad.


Thirst Quenchers

To drink we kicked things off with bottled cold coffee which is a part of their new menu. The temperature was perfect but the coffee was a little too milky than out preference. We usually like a thick cold coffee with less sugar, but if you are one of the sweet fanatics this might work for you.


Next we also tried their ice-tea which was the quick rehydrate the powder ice-tea from the machine, we enjoyed this a lot with our pitas.

The Mains

We started off by tasting the new entries to their menu which is a mutton ball filling for the pita. The mutton balls were served separately to us in a small cup and we swear we just could not stop popping them into our mouth! They were just so good!

The mutton was mildly spiced and was grilled nicely on the live grill near the counter. It was an absolute delight to have!

Now coming to our Pita’s!

We tried two different pitas in the Petita size as we were sure we could not finish the original size (they are gigantic)

We tried the Pepperoni Pita and the Chicken Caesar.

Both variants were made in pita which was heated in a steamer for 10 seconds and then topped with fresh Hummus

(Pita + Hummus = ❤)
Both meats were then grilled to perfection with some capsicum, onions and button mushrooms.

After the meats were neatly packed into our pita they were then topped with fresh veggies and toppings that one can choose.

We went for assorted veggies like iceberg, tomatoes, pickles, olives etc.

We then topped the pita with cheddar cheese and some peanuts in the chicken Caesar.

The finishing touch was some southwest dressing!
Taste Test: Do we really need to say anything?

Both the pitas were absolutely mind blowing!

The trick of getting your pita right is asking for recommendations to get to know which meat goes best with what and then customising accordingly !

Sweet Nothings

To end things off on a sweet note, we tried their Chocolate cookies which honestly did not impress us, they really need to work in this one.



  • Taste- 4.5/5
  • Variety- 4.5/5
  • Ambiance- 3/5
  • Value for Money- 3/5
  • Satiety value- 3.5/5


Overall, our experience at Pita Pit was better than we expected, we really need to say bye-bye to all the burger joints and say hi to something healthy, Pita pit is the perfect place for that!


Murmur Logo

What: Pita Pit

Where: Mall of India, Noida

Cost for 2: Rs. 600/-

Pita Pit Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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