Rock and Roll with Ice Cream Rolls @ The Ice Paan Creamery

Restaurant Review

BY: Shivangi Singha

Delhi winters have a way of being very dear to all the Delhites.Most of the credit goes to the beautiful parks like Lodhi Garden and the lip smacking food!

But whats enjoyed the most in this Dilli ki Sardi is Ice Cream!
We were quite bored of the normal ice cream cups and cones available in the market and were looking something different like exotic sundaes.

Our search led us to something even better! 

We found this little ice cream boutique called the ICE PAN CREAMERY.

What’s so special about this place?

Read on and you’ll know!


Ice pan creamery is located on the top floor of The DLF place, saket mall.

A small boutique with some chairs and a kiosk where is beat your ice cream live!

Yes, i said beat and not whip.
Here the ice creams are not served in scoops like the usual, rather they are carved into thin rolls and then topped with fudge and syrups.

Using a plate freezer whose temperature is approximately -40 C 

Here a vanilla pod cream base in a liquid form is pored on top if the plate and then topped with the flavours of choice.

Then the whole thing is beaten and mixed properly. Finally it is rolled into thin pan like rolls.


We tried quite a few ice creams.

The Ferrero Rocher was hands down our favourite.

Vanilla base with crushed rochers, hazelnuts, nutella. Curled into pan rolls and then further topped with chocolate fudge and chocolate chips!

Heaven in a cup 😍
Next we tried the kiwi sorbet. Made from fresh cut kiwis this sorbet is like eating kiwi rolls. A must try in summers!
The last ice cream we tried was the Caramel muffin!

Here they actually squish an entire muffin in the ice cream blend then top it with chocolate chips. This ones for all the chocolate and caramel freaks!
This place also has a variety of cold coffees and waffles!

We tried their nutella waffle and oh my we just couldn’t stop eating!
Fluffy waffles topped with lots of nutella and crushed biscuits!

If you are not in the mood for ice creams you still should visit this place just for their waffles!


Taste- 4.5/5

Variety- 4.5/5

Ambiance- 3/5

Value for Money- 3/5

Satiety value- 3.5/5


Overall, we definitely enjoyed our experience and came out of this place with a bloated stomach and a satisfied smile !

Do try their gourmet ice creams and their range if waffles , you surely will be satisfied!

What: Ice Paan Creamery

Where: Dlf plaza, saket
Cost for 2: Rs. 300/-

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