Hopping onto a Healthier Lifestyle with Oleev Active Oil 

This Decade is moving towards a healthier lifestyle. Gone are the days when people gorged on jalebis and samosas without a single thought. Now people believe in eating healthy and right. It is buh-bye to all the candies and Hello to Kale.
But for some of us (specially for foodies like me) it is not easy to give up on all the cheese, fries, chocolate and all the other wonders that the world has to offer. 

We would any day dive in for a McDonalds instead of a healthy salad at subway. 
For foodies it is not easy to give up everything and start a new lifestyle. 
So does that mean that we cannot eat healthy without giving up on taste? 
The Answer is, NO NO NO
There is a wide misconception that eating healthy means giving up on all the fat and carbs.

I am no dietician nor am i a health consultant, but i can certainly say with confidence that to inculcate Heathy eating habits you just have to make certain different choices in the ingredients of your food. 

One of the most important ingredient that people usually overlook is the Oil that they use. 

Oil is an integral part of the Indian Cuisine and it is certainly impossible to cook without it, what in the world will happen to the gorgeous pooris 😧
Instead of Refined vegetable and Mustard Oil, one should start using Olive oil. 

There are a lot of misconceptions about olive oil and one of them is that it is very expensive and not really value for money.
But let me tell you one thing for sure if you use Olive oil from a good company, it will be well worth it! 
A brand that I personally use and recommend in OLEEV Active- olive oil.

They have a pure mechanism of oil extraction with no adulteration at all. 

The best part about this is that the Smoke Point of this Oil is higher than the other olive oils available in the market, which makes it possible to fry all your pakoras easily in it.
Also some people think that Olive oil is not fit for Indian recipes and can only be used as salad dressings or Italian food, 

Well to test this theory we personally cooked something very Indian at our place.

A dish that is made in almost every household in India.
IT was Masala Maggie with lots of veggies and Garam Masala 

The recipe for it is in the Pictures down below!

Our Veggies

Add some Oleev Oil and then add jeera

Saute the veggies and add Garam Masala and salt

Add Crushed Maggie and Mix

Add water

Let it simmer for 5- 10 mins

Your Healthy Dose of Happiness is Ready!

After our little (and yummy) experiment we came to the conclusion that there were no taste issues with the oil in fact the quantity of oil that was needed was less in comparison to the other oils.
We highly recommend Oleev Active and you should certainly give them a try atleast once and then decide for yourself!


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