Punjabi Tadka@ Punjabi Food Festival, New Town Cafe, Park Plaza Noida

Sitting in Delhi all of us, especially people like me crave for good Regional Food.I am not talking about a multi cuisine Restaurant making their version of all the regional dishes but authentic tasting dishes are always missing.

Recently we were craving for good Punjabi Food and came across the Punjabi Food Festival being held in New Town Cafe,Park Plaza Noida.

The New Town Cafe is on the Lobby level of the Park Plaza Hotel. It is a huge space with a buffet counter on one side and live tawa section on the other. 

The decorations were kept true and authentic to give the real Punjabi Feel. 

There was a push cart with big earthen pots serving Lassi and a huge Barn sort of structure with cut outs of all the things famous in Punjab. Even the servers were dressed in the traditional Punjabi Kurta. 

They also have an outdoor seating with had chaarpais where one can click all the selfies for the evening!
The Nibblers

The menu was strictly kept to give the authentic taste of Punjab and the Buffet ranged from salads to starters to the desserts. 

The salad section had a very unique keema pyaaz salad which had minced seekh kebabs and onions rings in a spicy blend topped with vinegrette. A must have. 

The starters were to us on the table itself and we specially liked the Hariyali Chicken Tangri. Hot chicken tangri in a palak marination. This was something very unique and different, true to the punjabi taste. 

We also liked the Amritsari Fish Tikka and the Chicken Malai tikka. 

The paneer Tikka was also very nicely marinated and cooked. 
There was a huge spread on the buffet and made it absolutely difficult for us to choose what to eat and what not to. 

They had Saag, makhane ke sabzi, Malai Baigan, Punjabi Tadka daal to name a few from the Vegetarian Section and in the Non vegetarian section they had Butter Chicken, Mutton Barra, Chicken Handi Biryani. 
We tried the Butter Chicken and the Mutton from this section. The butter chicken quite ordinary, not really up to the mark but on the other hand the mutton was absolutely spectacular. Nice and meaty pieces of Mutton in a rich and creamy gravy. 

I also had the Paneer Paratha and Kurkuri Bhindi from the live tawa section and these two dishes are also worth a try. 
There were more than 20 desserts on the dessert counter which got us jumping around like a kid in a candy store. 

We picked out the Moond Dal Halwa, absolutely loved it. The Kiwi Sorbet and Chocolate Mousse cake came next along with a tiny slice of blueberry cheesecake. All three were superb. 

The one dessert that caught our attention was the Pyaaz ki Kheer. Never had i seen or heard about a sweet dish made out of onions. Upon trying it, we were pleasantly surprised. 

The kheer was nice and creamy like solidified rabri with an aftertaste of the zing of onions. 

If you get a chance you absolutely must try it! 

The overall experience at the New Town Cafe was so good that we were barely able to walk after stuffing ourselves so much in the buffet. 

If you like and enjoy Punjabi Cuisine, this festival is a Must Must try! 

They have a well thought menu, well prepared food, a great staff and ambiance. 

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