Bunker GurgaonFood amidst the Solitude

On most days we are satisfied with the ghar ka khaana that we have, if not a home cooked meal then a meal at a normal restaurant would also do
But then there are days where you want to enjoy and experience something different, something unique. 

Food with a concept and an ambiance that supports the concept. 
Bunker Located in Cross point mall gurgaon serves this purpose perfectly!
As the name suggests the ambiance is that of an army bunker which gives a very unique ambiance to dine in. 

The ambiance is the highlight of this restaurant. As soon as you enter you are welcomed by guns and khaki print. The wall tapestry is in khaki print. There are small hideouts camouflaged between the walls of the restaurant. 

Every small detail has been paid attention to, even their ketchup come out of a small toy gun. 


Thirst Quenchers 
For drinks we enjoyed a wonderful vodka based cocktail with cranberry juice. 

We also tried their sunrise mocktail which is a wonderful blend of all the citrus fruits! 

The Grub

For starters we tried the cheese bread cigars. As the name suggests these were bread rolls with lots of molten cheese inside and a crispy deep fried bread coating outside. Absolute heaven for all the cheese lovers. 

The next thing we tried was the Methi Malai chicken and Grilled Fish. The Chicken is a Must Have. Succulent boneless pieces of chicken marinated in a curd base and then chargrilled to perfection.

The fish was also well prepared and we specially liked the dip that came with it. 
The Mains

For mains we had two of their most recommended items from the menu. 

One was the Chicken Monster Burger and the second was the Chilly Chicken Drone Pizza.

The Chicken Monster Burger as the name suggests has a huge juicy chicken patty sandwiched between two well toasted sesame buns and lots and lots of molten cheese. 

These come along with a portion of onion rings and this dish alone is enough for two people. 
The chicken drone pizza is like the drone pizzas we see on many if the instagram posts. It was a twisted knotted dough with lots of veggies,chicken and cheese inside. 

This was also spectacular in taste and again the mayo dip that came along made a wonderful combination. 
Sweet Nothings

For dessert we tried their deep fried ice cream and the blueberry pancakes. 

Sadly this part of our meal was disappointing. 

The ice cream was not as crunchy on the outside as we expected and the pancakes were an absolute disaster. They were uneven in shape, not fluffy enough. Also the blueberry compote was very average. They really need to work on this portion of the menu 

Overall, our experience was very nice. The ambiance is bang on, the staff is very courteous and helpful. Some items in the menu are an absolute try and worth visiting again for as well! 

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