What’s Cooking?

Munching Murmurs encapsulates the essence of food lovers or the general term used for us is “FOODIES”. All of us are well aware of the thousands of food bloggers around us that review restaurants, events and share recipes. So how  am i different?

Well, to answer your question in a single line i will say ,

I am a Food Technologist in the making. My passion for food is so strong that it forced me to take food engineering as my career ( yes, that is a thing! and yes, in India itself.) Munching Murmurs will not just give you recipes or restaurant updates it will actually be more about what you find in your department store. It can be a packet of Lays or a box of Lint. I will write about which instant noodles will satisfy your taste buds the not so new Ching’s or “hum sab ke bachpan ka pyaar – Maggie”.

So i look forward to blogging more,eating more and interacting more.

Stay tuned!!

One thought on “What’s Cooking?

  1. Hi Munching Murmurs,
    I hope you are doing great and Are in best of health..
    I would like to invite you to order food or dine in with us @ 2 bros kitchen sector 41 noida..
    I have launched a variety of momos like butter chicken momos;heaven on earth momos,barbecue burgers and a lot of fusion delicacies which my esteemed customers are really liking a lot…we are an 9 months old baby would like u to try them and review my teams efforts..we have a large variety of multi cuisine dishes to choose from also..

    Looking forward to seeing you or serving u at ur doorstep..u can find our menu and about us on zomato;facebook;insta;website..
    Gaurav Minhas
    2 Bros kitchen
    C block market sector 41 noida


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