The Pita to our Pit

Restaurant Review BY: Shivangi Singha With the busy lifestyle and hectic environment, most if us prefer eating out frequently. It is quick, hassle free and lets face it who wants to stand in front of the cooktop for hours everyday. If we just talk about Delhi, the city itself has such a throbbing eating arena […]

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Asian Affair @Yum Yum Cha 

RESTAURANT REVIEW BY: SHIVANGI SINGHA Our love for pan asian has been ever growing recently. With so many places popping up in the city , serving authentic or atleast claiming to serve authentic asian cuisine, it has become easier for us to try and test the different asian variants available.We recently took this journey of […]

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RESTAURANT REVIEW  BY: SHIVANGI SINGHA Regional Delicacies are very hard to find in Delhi. If found then the question arises “Are they authentic”. We had been craving for good Rajasthani food recently as we were told that unlike the usual belief, Rajasthani food does include some lip smacking Non Vegetarian dishes and not just the […]